Since Perfume is an integral part of our lives and without which we can’t seem to get ready; so here are some interesting facts about Perfumes which will definitely amaze you:

You’re Spraying It Wrong: Your hair—not your skin—might actually be the best place to spray perfume. Because of your scalp’s oiliness, it will actually keep scent longer than your skin will. Also, because it’s always in motion, it can actually diffuse the scent more easily.

Your Nose Doesn’t Know: Apparently, your nose gets used to your signature fragrance, and you can only smell it when it’s first applied or when you consciously pay attention to it. Lesson: do not over-spritz for the sake of those around you.

Million Dollar Nose: Jean Carles, a famed French perfumer who created scents such as Miss Dior, was said to have insured his nose for one million dollars.

Eau de Cigarette: In 1921, Molinard released a fragrance called Habanita that was intended to scent cigarettes. You placed the satchels in your cigarette case, or applied it directly to your cigarette in liquid form for a “delicious, lasting aroma.” And you thought e-cigarettes were fancy!

They Were Used as A Cover-UP: Back in time when bathing was a rare luxury even the rich didn’t indulge in very often, perfumes were used to cover up unpleasant scents that came as a result of such questionable personal hygiene.

Rich but rather smelly, European aristocracy relied on these expensive mixtures to help mask the “scents” produced by days and even months of not bathing.

You Can Maximize the Smell of Your Perfume Very Easily: Here’s one of those both useful and interesting fact about perfumes some of you might know – You don’t need to waste half of the bottle to ensure long lasting smell, one spritz on your chest and one in the back of your neck is all it takes for it to smell great all day long.

These zones turn into “hotspots” in times when we’re scared or excited (due to the increased blood flow) and the scent that was subtle just moments ago, starts releasing faster.

Expensive taste: The most expensive perfume in the world is Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty, priced at $215,000 for 16.9 ounces. It’s served in a Baccarat crystal bottle with an 18-carat gold collar and five-carat diamond.

Hope these facts have left you in an awe, will get back to you with some more perfume knowledge. Happy shopping and ‘spray a little happiness’!